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Life Map Paper: My Story

John C. Doe

Department of Social Work, Liberty University

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Life Map Paper: My story

APA formatting requires double spacing and 1-inch margins. There are specific font types that are acceptable. Times New Roman 12-point font is traditionally the preferred choice. The title of your paper goes on the top line. It should be centered, bolded, and in title case. You will then write an introductory paragraph. You will not use the heading “Introduction”. The introduction should be basic and background information about you. Include information similar to a summary or bio, and include things such as age, race, sex, marital status, hobbies, religious preference, etc. Also discuss why you believe it is important for social workers to understand their own developmental history. The introductory paragraph contains a thesis sentence. This sentence gives the reader an idea of what to expect when reading the paper. It is often the last sentence of the paragraph.

Life Changing Events

In this section, discuss any life changing events that occurred and shaped your life. This may be a school experience, familial or personal trauma (only share what you are comfortable discussing), a move across the country, death in the family, birth in the family, accident, etc. Think of key things that may have shifted the trajectory of your life; the textbook refers to these as turning points. What is your recollection of how you were impacted? In what ways are you different because of these events?

Application of Developmental Theories

Critically analyze your development relative to the information in the text. Discuss at least 2 developmental theories and how you progressed through the stages. What were the milestones? In what ways have you successfully advanced through some stages? Where do you think you may have some work to do to successfully navigate through a stage? What challenges did you encounter? What insights have you gained about yourself, your social environment, and its impact upon you after reviewing developmental theories? At least 2 theories must be discussed. The text and 2 additional sources should be cited and referenced.

Spiritual Developmental

Use Fowler’s theory as a backdrop to discuss your spiritual development. Where do you feel that you are currently? What has the process felt like? What difficulties, questions, or setbacks have you encountered? How would you describe your spiritual worldview? Fowler’s theory should be cited and provide the foundational context of the discussion.

As a Social Worker

Discuss how your Life Map/life story has informed your desire to pursue a career in social work. Consider how your personal life story shapes your interaction within society. How will this impact your work with clients? Discuss how you plan to be true to yourself and still meet clients where they are when their values may be very different than your own.

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