30 Day Hospital Readmissions

Topic 30 Day Hospital Readmissions

This paper is intended to produce a plan for developing the database that must be submitted in Week 7 of this course. Students will gain experience in addressing key elements of a database plan. Course Outcomes Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to: (CO#1) Utilize critical inquiry and judgment to evaluate the design, development, implementation, and outcomes of data management strategies for nursing and healthcare data. (PO 5) Preparing the Paper Criteria for Content: An introduction informs about the topic of the paper and how it is organized.

Explanation of the selected problem (30 DAY HOSPITAL READMISSIONS) and why it needs a database as an information-management solution Explanation of a conceptual data model for the planned database All entities planned for the database are named. A justification or rationale for each entity is provided. The E-R diagrams can be created for individual entities mapped to all other relevant entities or a single E-R diagram showing all entities and their relationships may be provided. The identifier for each entity is named. The identifier can be narrated in the paper or included with the E-R diagram in the appendix. The relationships between entities are discussed briefly in text and illustrated, including cardinality, in the E-R diagram in the appendix or in a separate appendix. Three questions planned for the database are provided . The original questions presented in week 1 discussion may be used, or revised questions may be presented. A conclusion that recaps the paper and discusses insights gained from working on this assignment is presented

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