Abdussamet, I must say I am very disappointed in your


I must say I am very disappointed in your first draft and it feels as though your rushed to submit it last night after 11 PM. Here are my thoughts:

  1. On the cover slide Lockheed is misspelled as Locked. You did not put your name, my name, or the course information on the slide.
  2. I would suggest using the Lockheed Martin logo on the cover slide to make it more interesting and consider the use of color to liven up the slides.
  3. You did not provide the required background information on the company nor a clear statement of the governmental challenge it faces for this assignment.
  4. You did not provide a clear recommendation/s for Business project teams.
  5. You gave me 5 slides on Communications, but I don’t see any clear recommendations and there are several redundant bullet points?
  6. What are you clear recommendations for mitigation solutions for the “unnamed” governmental challenge from point 3 above.
  7. 3 slides on political influence and not one clear recommendation for the organization, in light of,  the challenge (point 3 above).

We can discuss my concerns after class tomorrow if you wish any clarification on my concerns. I’ll be prepared to address any specific questions you may have and remember to submit your final slide presentation by, or before Sunday, April 10th.

slides will be 30 pages 

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