Annotated Bibliography: Helen Oxenbury an annotated bibliography, a descriptive listing


Annotated Bibliography: Helen Oxenbury

 an annotated bibliography, a descriptive listing and record of your research.  It is designed to provide information that goes beyond author, title, editor, publisher, and date.  An annotated bibliography also includes narrative information about each individual source:  specifically, what is it about, how good is it, and how valuable or useful do you find it?  Your Annotated Bibliography should include the following:

1.  An introductory paragraph with a working thesis statement.

2.  A listing of around 8-10 sources consulted for your project, alphabetical, in MLA format.

3. A brief objective summary of each source.

4. An evaluation or critical assessment of each source.

5. Commentary on the value or usefulness of each source for your project.

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