answer each question please readings and videos for each part

answer each question please 

readings and videos for each part are provided below.

Part one

  • What are the pitfalls of “common sense” observations and logic? Provide three examples.
  • What is “positionality,” and what are its components? How do these components influence our perceptions, understandings, and conclusions about the world—including the questions we ask and our common-sense observations and logic?
  • Social research examines patterns of relationships (that is, patterns of interconnections). What three basic themes of patterned relationships/interconnections does social research examine (pages 6-8 [ending before “How Social Research…”])? Provide an example for each of the three basic themes.

Part two

  • As described by Mencimer, how does Edlin’s poverty research attempt to overcome the pitfalls of common-sense observation and logic, common errors in reasoning, and her own positionality?
  • How does Edlin’s research address the three basic themes of patterned social relationships?

What If Everything You Knew About Poverty Was Wrong?

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