Ballet video reflection paper

The paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 300 words (minimum), and should highlight feelings, emotions and personal reflections about the Ballets viewed. Before viewing the neoclassic example, partially seen in class, and a classical excerpt, make sure you have read and understand the posted material on Balanchine and the NYCB to better comprehend Neoclassic Ballet. There is much information available on the Internet as well. Your reflection MUST include: 1) The title of the classical video excerpt you watched and the company performing. 2) A response as to how these (classic and neoclassic videos relate to what you have read, seen and explored in the course so far 3) Examples of how Balanchine’s background and/or philosophy are evident in the Ballet you viewed 4) How the neoclassic style differs from classical ballet, with specific examples from the classical work viewed. 5) Generally, how you felt about what you saw in relation to technique, form, choreography, costumes, etc.

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