BUSM146 Outline 2019

Coursework: Students will write a 4000-word paper in format of publication. The objective is to convey your expert opinion and critique on a research worthy question. Given the breadth of content covered in the course, you should find it relatively easy to link the key concepts, models, tools and issues discussed in class to any set of research questions or issues.

Overall, I look for unique arguments, discussion depth and clarity of presentation. It is hoped that some of you will eventually publish your work. As such, the paper should broadly follow the format for reputable journals such as Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, California Management Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Ivey Business Journal or other management academic or practitioner journal. I am open to the specific topic and focus of the paper and you should select a topic and question that you have an informed opinion about. At the same time, the paper should have a clear focus and thesis, rather than making it too general or trying to speak to all the literatures we covered. I will explain the SCQARED (Situation, Complication, Question, Answer, Research, Examples, and Definitions) model which can help your write-up. I will also explain different types of formats used in publications, such as book chapters, theoretical and empirical papers, and practitioner articles. The word limit includes all text excluding bibliography and appendix. In all cases, material used should be fully referenced and sources acknowledged in accordance with the issued guidelines on plagiarism. Please make a formal statement of the word count on your cover sheet. The paper will be evaluated on the basis of: 1. Purpose: Sets out the question and / or objective(s) clearly 2. Methods: Explains process used to arrive at answer or insights 3. Literature: Cites appropriate literature and builds upon previous work 4. Results: Presents convincing theoretical and/or factual evidence 5. Discussion: Logically answers the question and /or develops an argument 6. Implications: Infers significance of findings, arguments, claims 8. Relevance: Contributes to innovation and sustainability 7. Presentation: Language, formatting, references 9. Structure: Identifies outlet and uses clear coherent structure 10. Publication: Potential for publication

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