Case Study: Tom Bray

 This assignment is a case study. You will be presented with information regarding a company facing a situation that requires at least one decision to be made. Using the case details, the course material and your additional research, write a short paper that briefly identifies the issues and proposes a solution that includes the justification for your choice. This case is titled, Tom Bray. It can be found at the end of Chapter 10 of your textbook in the case section after the blue pages. Additional questions have been added, so please use the text only for the case material and not the assignment. To complete the assignment, do all of the following: Read the Blue Sky Project at the end of Chapter 10. Create a paper responding to the following questions. (Ignore the questions in the textbook and only answer these questions): Critique Tom’s preparation and first encounter with the team. What was successful and what was unsuccessful? Provide suggestions for how Tom can improve relationships with this new team. Using your suggestions for Tom to improve his relationship with his team, describe a new interaction in which Tom uses your suggestion, and identify how the team members react. If you were training a new project manager to take over a project like the one Tom Bray is in charge of in the case, what would you tell your employee? Why? Write a 3 page paper in Word format. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th edition) for writing your assignment. Keep the following in mind as you write your paper: Check spelling and grammar Do not use the first person (I, we, us, etc.) as it is not scholarly; use the third person instead Use in-text citations to credit the ideas used in your paper to the original authors At least 3 quality references should be used (one may be your textbook)

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