Civil Rights: What were the political, economic, and legal objectives

This essay’s question is focused on the issue of civil rights. Please answer this question thoroughly in at least 750 words, using examples from the books and posted documents. Please do not use block quotes. All essays must be properly formatted, double-spaced, with numbered pages and with your name on the first page. Questions: What were the political, economic, and legal objectives of the civil rights movement?

Why was there resistance to civil rights and the integration of American schools during the 1950s and 1960s? What role do you think racism played in the opposition to civil rights? Do you believe each of the objectives of the civil rights movement were achieved? Explain your answer in detail using examples from the posted documents and assigned readings please use those sources: Goldfield, Twentieth-Century America, Chapter 11-12 President Eisenhower-Military-Industrial Complex Speech (1961) URL Also known as the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ speech, President Eisenhower discussed his views on the nexus of political and military power during his final address to the American people in January 1961 President Kennedy ‘Inaugural Address’ (1961) URL President John Kennedy’s inaugural address from January 1961. This speech is famous for a number of catchphrases which have endured nearly fifty years after it was delivered. Pay attention to how much emphasis Kennedy pays to foreign affairs and American values such as freedom and liberty. Ironically, Kennedy makes hardly any mention of civil rights or racial injustice. Martin Luther King, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, 1963 URL

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