Classical Civilizations “Bronze Cuirass”

Using L.1995.58 Bronze Cuirass (body armor) Grek, 5th century B.C. I will provide you with a picture from the Museum. The Essay has 2 Parts (50 points per part, 10 points maximum for each number below) I. Personal 1. Describe the work you chose as best you can – start with the details. Observe it carefully (materials, form, shape, colors, medium, etc.), 2. Give a brief background on the civilization/culture it is from. What year(s) or century? Explain (if possible and to the extent you can, how was it used, who used it, and/or who created this work). 3.

Using the textbook (or other references) as background, explain how the work you have chosen exhibits characteristics of that particular ancient culture – how is its style, its outlook on the world, its use, typical for this period? 4. Explain why you choose this item and what interested you most about it. II. Scholarly 1. On JSTOR, do a search and locate a scholarly article having to do with the item you chose (book reviews are acceptable). This can be about that particular item, about those who made it (that craft), about that kind of item in general, those who bought it, where it was made (be creative about the search, you may not get an exact match). 2. Read the article, summarize its contents (and argument, if any). 3. What does your research add to your understanding of this kind of art in that ancient culture? What did you learn about its history? 4. State how your research adds to/changes your understanding of that period or culture. What do you appreciate now that you did not before? 5. Attach the article to the essay (required). About The Metropolitan Museum of Art Website: https://www.metmuseum.or

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