Discussion Information: This week is an introduction to keeping a

Discussion Information: This week is an introduction to keeping a professional journal. Starting in Week 3 make sure you have at least two (2) entries in your journal each week using the templates provided as a guide. For Weeks 3 through 6 – You will be contributing to your own professional journal with entries that are being reported on by you as you participate in your internship and business courses and will be shared in Week 6. The journal can be kept in the manner you choose and will be summarized in the class discussion in week 6.  Information for the journal keeping assignment is provided in the internship course Resource under Supplementary Material in this GAP course including articles and a suggested journal template to follow. Students are to make at least two (2) entries in their professional journal each week for Weeks 3-6 to be reported about in the Discussion in Week 6. While Journaling is not a requirement in Weeks 7 and 8, we encourage you to continue the practice, and to use the information to help with your CLA1. 

Discussion Question: CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3 

  • Read the articles on journaling, review the template in the GAP resources in the course and identify what approach in the articles you found useful and why?
  • Post to the discussion board that you have reviewed the journaling materials and what you learned, let us know if you have experience journaling, share your thoughts. If you have questions, please post. Be sure to respond to a peer.

About Journaling: Whether you want to be able to look back at where you started, set a future goal for yourself and seek a new path, or just deal with present issues, journaling helps you do that in a reflective way. You need not write every day. Journaling gives you a place to better understand yourself, to plan your goals, and to follow-up on goals. One pitfall of journaling is that it can become part of a log of your feelings for any one day, try to keep these types of emotional responses from being included in your business journal. (Journal writing tips are provided in the Internship Course Resources under Supplementary Material in this GAP course).

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