Explain the pros and cons of focusing on the life

Explain the pros and cons of focusing on the life span as a whole versus focusing on particular developmental periods, such as preschool, middle childhood, and adolescence. Why are both approaches necessary when examining child and adolescent development? Find a scholarly journal article that utilizes the life-span perspective; provide a brief summary of the a r ticle comparing that to your course readings. 

What are some of the major political, cultural, and scientific cohort effects for your generation? Provide a unique example of a history-graded cohort effect, an age-graded cohort effect, and a sociocultural-graded cohort effect that your cohort has experienced.

explain what is meant by the following (one item per post, please):

1. development is multidimensional

this should be about 1 page its just a discussion. No plagerism  

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