Food and culture comparison Italian american vs Polish American

Cultural Comparison Psychology of Food And Eating For this assignment comparing different cultures and their relationship with food and eating. You must complete the following in a 2-3 page paper*, written in APA style. 1) Overview of the cuisine of both cultures. (Italian American vs Polish American ) a. How are they similar b. ( cured meats and cheeses and) c. How are they different( fresh water fish vs salt water fish) 2) Compare and contrast the cultures’ ritual of eating a. When are meals eaten b. How food is prepared c. How food is consumed 3) Choose a major holiday or social event within each culture a. How does food play a role in the event b. What is the event schema for the food portion of the event Grading: Will be based on how thoroughly you answer each question, formatting, and grammar and spelling. Make sure to be complete in your answers. To gain full credit your answer must be thorough, display critical thinking, and be without formatting, spelling or grammar mistakes. Doing the bare minimum work, will result in a bare minimum grade. The paper must be submitted in APA format, 12 point font, times new roman font, double spaced.

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