From this chapter, we have learned about the migration from fee for

From this chapter, we have learned about the migration from fee for service models of providing health care to managed care organizations. The type of managed care organizations still stratifies the care given based on what type of plan you have and how much premium you pay. Describe in at least 100 words your own evaluation of the possible benefits of Managed Care and at least one of the down sides.

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Introduction: Managed care is a healthcare system where patients pay a fixed fee to receive healthcare services from a network of healthcare providers. This system aims to reduce healthcare costs while maintaining quality healthcare services. However, there are both benefits and downsides to managed care.

Possible benefits of Managed Care:
Managed care can potentially offer several benefits to patients, including lower healthcare costs, coordinated care, and preventive care. Lower healthcare costs occur because managed care organizations negotiate prices with healthcare providers, resulting in lower healthcare costs for patients. Coordinated care is ensured by the healthcare providers within the managed care organization. Preventive care is also emphasized by managed care organizations, as they aim to prevent diseases and promote healthy lifestyles, saving patients from high healthcare costs in the future.

A downside of Managed Care:
One downside of managed care is the potential limitation of choice for patients, who may be restricted to certain healthcare providers or hospitals within the network. Also, patients may face restrictions on certain medical procedures or therapies that may not be covered by their plan resulting in higher out-of-pocket payments by the patient. Additionally, some patients may potentially receive poor quality healthcare since providers may prioritize cost over quality to ensure financial stability for the managed care organization.

In conclusion, managed care may offer cost savings, coordinated care and preventive care for patients, but there are limitations on coverage and constraints on choices, which may put patients at risk of getting poor quality healthcare.

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