Government vs. commercial organization security issues.

 Write about the latest developments and issues. Limit quotations to an average of no more than 3-5 lines and use sparingly. It is always better to paraphrase.My research paper topic is Government vs. commercial organization security issues. There has been a rise of attacks on both the government and commercial industries, no organization is safe from hackers. Cloud computing has created numerous information security risks, in a report issued by the Government Accountability Office they found that until rules that are made to address information security for cloud computing is a risky option (Cooney, 2010). In a 2012 Securitas report, the big challenge for most organizations regardless of size is how to protect proprietary information (Thompson, 2019). Below are two references to use. Cooney, M., & Cooney, M. (2010, July 01). Cloud computing exacerbates government security issues. Retrieved from Thompson, M. (2016, October 26). Security Issues Facing Companies. Retrieved from

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