How hard should Toronto work to attract HQ2 – or not?

Content 1. Begin by reminding Gordon Chamberlain of a few, relevant facts about Amazon. While you may want to devote a few sentences to a general overview of the business, you should concentrate on Amazon’s recent growth, its future expansion plans, and its motivations for wanting to establish a second headquarters. You have been asked write the report specifically about the HQ2 project. What have you read in the recent news or trade press that describes or explains Amazon’s selection criteria, and its initial choices of Arlington and New York. 2. You must discuss the assets and resources that Toronto can promote, in any future discussions or negotiations with Amazon.

What does Toronto have to offer? 3. Provide a balanced discussion of both the potential costs and potential benefits of the City of Toronto, or the Province of Ontario convincing or “helping” Amazon to establish its ‘HQ2’ in this city. 4. Provide Gordon Chamberlain with a conclusion: How hard should Toronto work to attract HQ2 – or not? Remember, taxpayers are people like your parents. Do the jobs, the potential future tax revenues, the glamour and publicity that comes from attracting Amazon justify directing any taxpayers’ money toward obtaining HQ2? Justify your recommendation to Gordon by weighing the costs versus the benefits.

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