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You will build upon the work you completed in Milestone One. In this milestone, you will propose an improvement plan that focuses on the problem you selected in Milestone One. If you chose a problem in your workplace, be sure to use data from that healthcare organization; if you created a hypothetical healthcare organization, you might use a public domain database with instructor permission.

Next, you will develop an implementation plan for the problem that you are focusing on. Then, you will discuss the predicted success of the performance improvement plan after implementation.

As you develop this final part of the assignment, consider the following prompts to formulate your paper.


  1. Performance Improvement Initiative
    1. Propose a performance improvement plan that will address this problem. What specific relevant quality standard will this plan address?
    2. Describe the type of data that will reveal a quality outcome.
  2. Implementation of the Plan in the Organization
    1. How will this implementation plan be communicated among departments?
    2. How will the data be displayed and shared with the organization?
    3. If the plan for this initiative was implemented in real life, what do you believe would be the hypothetical effect(s) on patient care outcomes? How will health information systems support those improvements in patient care?
    4. What do you think the hypothetical effect of the quality or performance plan would be on the culture of safety within the organization?

Expert Solution Preview

In this assignment, I will propose a performance improvement plan to address a specific problem in a healthcare organization. I will also discuss the type of data that will reveal a quality outcome. Additionally, I will outline the implementation plan for the proposed initiative, including how it will be communicated among departments and how the data will be displayed and shared with the organization. Furthermore, I will analyze the hypothetical effects of the performance improvement plan on patient care outcomes and the culture of safety within the organization.

Answer to Question 1:
The performance improvement plan I propose aims to address the problem of medication errors in our healthcare organization. Specifically, I suggest implementing a standardized medication administration process that adheres to the “Five Rights” principle: right patient, right medication, right dose, right route, and right time. This plan will focus on improving the quality standard related to medication safety.

Answer to Question 2:
To reveal quality outcomes related to medication safety, we will collect and analyze various types of data. These include the number of medication errors reported, the severity of these errors, the types of medications involved, and the departments or units where these errors occur. Additionally, we will track the adherence to the standardized medication administration process and monitor any changes in medication-related adverse events.

Answer to Question 3:
To ensure effective communication of the implementation plan among departments, we will organize regular meetings and training sessions involving all relevant healthcare professionals. These sessions will provide detailed information about the new medication administration process and address any questions or concerns. Additionally, we will create communication channels, such as email updates and intranet notifications, to keep all staff informed about the plan’s progress and updates.

Answer to Question 4:
The data collected regarding medication errors and adherence to the standardized medication administration process will be displayed and shared with the organization through various means. We will create visual reports and dashboards that highlight key metrics and trends related to medication safety. These reports will be accessible to all relevant stakeholders, including department heads, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Additionally, we will share the data during performance review meetings, quality improvement committees, and staff education sessions to foster transparency and promote accountability.

Answer to Question 5:
If the performance improvement plan is successfully implemented, there would be hypothetical positive effects on patient care outcomes. The standardized medication administration process would reduce medication errors, resulting in improved patient safety and fewer adverse drug events. Health information systems would support these improvements by providing real-time decision support tools, such as drug interaction alerts and dosage recommendations, which would help healthcare professionals make informed medication-related decisions.

Answer to Question 6:
The implementation of the quality or performance plan would have a positive effect on the culture of safety within the organization. By prioritizing medication safety and implementing a standardized medication administration process, the organization would promote a culture of accountability, continuous learning, and open communication. Healthcare professionals would be encouraged to report medication errors and near misses, fostering a proactive approach to patient safety. This culture of safety would be further reinforced by ongoing education and training programs on medication safety and error prevention.

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