In a 3- to 5-page paper: Identify and explain features


In a 3- to 5-page paper:

  • Identify and explain features in the primary offender that are consistent with Cluster A personalities.
  • Explain how these features differ from features that characterize Cluster B personalities.
  • Explain crimes that Cluster A personalities are more likely to commit.
  • Explain three challenges of working with individuals with Cluster A personalities and recommend strategies for overcoming those challenges.
  • Recommend at least three strategies to implement when interviewing offenders with Cluster A personalities.
  •  Case Study #1 Jim, a 48-year-old engineer, works at a medium-size engineering firm. He has been employed with the firm for 16 years. He is described by co-workers as serious and thin-skinned, having no sense of humor, and distrusting of others. He lives alone, does not socialize with his neighbors, and often engages in angry accusations of something the neighbors or their children did that caused him distress or offended him in some way. He holds grudges forever, seemingly holding on to every real or perceived slight he has ever experienced. Jim is constantly writing letters to the utility company, city officials, and his congressional leaders about the injustices constantly inflicted upon him. 

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