Jeffrey Dahmer, a convicted sex offender who also killed and


Jeffrey Dahmer, a convicted sex offender who also killed and cannibalized his victims, was insecure and lacked self-confidence. He exhibited traits such as a sense of entitlement, lack of impulse control, externalization of blame, and aggressive irritability. These are primary traits of antisocial personalities.

For this Discussion, you examine a case to determine if the offender exhibits traits of disciplined psychopathy or undisciplined psychopathy, and then compare features of the psychopath with those of individuals with antisocial personalities.

Identify the case study you selected. Explain whether the primary offender demonstrates features of a disciplined psychopath or an undisciplined psychopath. Provide examples to support your conclusion. Explain how these features differ from those displayed by individuals with antisocial personalities or narcissism. Explain the challenges a forensic psychology professional might have working with individuals with antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy.

Support your post with references to the Learning Resources and other academic sources.

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