Juliane Hammer, “Marriage in American Muslim communities,” Religion Compass 9.2 (Feb. 2015, pp. 35-44).

approx. 5 pages, doublespaced type, 1-inch margins, 12 point font). Your review must do three things: (1) Briefly summarize the article’s content (this is to take no more than l ½ pages) (2) Discuss what “Islam” and “being Muslim” mean for the communities and/or individual(s) presented in the article. Be specific: What sources or bodies of knowledge (e.g. texts such as the Qur’an, hadiths, legal writings, oral teachings, theological opinions, examples set by others, practices) appear to be most important for their understanding of what “Islam” and “being Muslim” mean? What roles do political, social, economic, geographic, and temporal factors play in making certain sources or bodies of knowledge more (or less) central? (3) Discuss how religious authority operates for the communities and/or individual(s) presented in the article. If written texts are important, who does (or doesn’t) have the authority to interpret them, and why (or why not)? Is an individual claiming their own interpretive authority, and if so, on what basis? Does the article discuss or hint at the existence of debates about who has religious authority, and if so, what questions or counter-claims are being made in the communities that the article discusses?

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