Main task You will create an Industrial Marketing Report for

Main task

You will create an Industrial Marketing Report for a B2B brand of your choice that doesn’t serve B2C markets. The plan, that must be customer centered and based on an omnichannel approach, must include:

1. Introduction (already delivered in T1.1)
Select a pure B2B company / brand (one that does not serve the B2C markets) of your choice for building an industrial marketing plan. You need to provide at least the following information:

  • the name of the B2B company/brand/business
  • Provide a brief description of what the company does / sells
  • What type of companies / industries are the main B2B customers of the selected company?
  • A URL of the company’s website and two social media profiles of this company
  • In what country is the company’s headquarters located?
  • Your industrial marketing plan must be built for a particular country, different from the one
    where its headquarters is located. What country do you choose?
  1. Brand analysis: write a short SWOT analysis for the chosen brand in the selected country (already delivered in T1.2)
  2. Target audience: define two industrial target audiences you are going to build a B2B marketing plan for and describe them in detail.
  3. List the participants in the business buying process of your products. What factors influence the buying decision? Discuss the major influences on business buyers.
  4. Many companies employ procurement or purchasing experts dedicated to managing the firm’s buying process. How would you target procurement or purchasing manager (buyers) for your products?
  5. Objectives: define at least three objectives you want to achieve with this B2B marketing plan and write them in a SMART way.

Your submission must meet the following formatting requirements:

  • Submit one file(s) only.
  • Required file format for main submission: PDF.
  • Additional file format for additional deliverables: Not applicable.
  • Additional file requirements: “None”.
    Other details:

• Font size 12
• Double-spaced
• Number of words: 2000

All refencing and citations require Harvard referencing style.

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