Nonverbal Research Paper

General Instructions

Conduct a participant observation of nonverbal communication during a structured period of time (e.g., sitting at a café, during a sports event, while at work, at the gym, etc.). Take field notes throughout the course of your observation. Spend time looking through your field notes and pick one nonverbal communicative act that peaks your interest. NOTE: Keep the field notes as you will type them up and include, on a separate page, in your final uploaded document after the reference section. 1000 words (max). Papers should be double-spaced and in Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1-inch margins, stapled, include page numbers, and include a cover page. Please include a reference section and format the citations according to APA 6th edition (Chicago and MLA Style are also acceptable). This paper should have a minimum of three scholarly sources.

Paper Writing Organization Papers will generally follow the following format. In your introduction, you should explain the context you decided to focus on and the nonverbal communicative act you decided to focus on and why. Specifically, you should produce the following: (1) An attention getter that explains the context you decided to focus on (2) thesis (3) preview statement that identifies how the paper will unfold In the body of your paper, use the book and at least three other scholarly sources to illuminate what was being communicated through this nonverbal gesture. Be creative and thoughtful in your description of the purpose of this gesture. Think about such things as gender, power, culture, context, etc. If you perceived something about the nonverbal communication, use scholarly sources to support your insights. Or, if you were confused about something in the nonverbal encounter, use the scholarly sources to help generate understanding about what occurred in the interaction. General Rubric Papers will be evaluated upon the following criteria (in no particular order): *Writing Clarity in writing Grammar and syntactical errors (edit your work, and have someone else edit as well) Transitions between paragraphs, thoughts/ideas (consider using section headings) *Coherency of narrative Attention getter that introduces the subject Preview statement that states the thesis of your paper and provides a forecast of the paper’s organization Sufficient explanation of the context examined and the nonverbal encounter

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