NOTE: Please make sure you watch the full Ted Talk,

NOTE: Please make sure you watch the full Ted Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action before taking on this assignment, see What Is Your Purpose? v.1 Assignment for more.


Watch this video of this in-flight video called “Fit To Fly” featuring health guru Richard Simmons, put together by New Zealand Air: 

The What of this video is quite simple. This is meant to be an entertaining and different in-flight video.

Overall, the idea is to promote safety that each and every airline must provide. After all who want to place their life at risk flying an “unsafe” airline. Getting to our destination in one piece is expected each and every time and failure is not an option!!!

This video also reveals a deeper purpose for New Zealand Air. Yes they want to be different. Yes they are promoting safety. They are also promoting an Experience, a Purpose, a Why? hopefully one that is very magnetic and compelling as well.

 answer the following:

1. What is the “Why” for New Zealand Air that is revealed by this video (and others they do too)?

2. Then Define the progression from Why to How to What.

a. WHY

b. HOW


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