Organization policies

The paper should be organized into three sections: Background, Analysis, and Recommendations. The background section should be no more than 200 words. The Analysis and Recommendations sections should be about equal in length, at approximately 650 words each Choose an organization that you have worked for or choose one that you like or that interests you from the list of companies that will be provided to you by your Course Leaders.

If you choose a company not on the list, you will need to clear it with your Course Leaders to ensure that you have enough material to work with. 2. Choose two theories you have studied in BUSI 2101, which you will apply to the organization you have chosen. (Note: do not confuse a general topic such as Motivation with a specific theory such as Expectancy Theory). 3. Analyze areas in which the organization is doing poorly and areas in which it is doing well with regard to the theories you have chosen in step #2. This may include the following: a. Workplace interactions you observed (if you have chosen an organization you have worked for) b. Organization policies c. An organizational crisis and how it was handled d. Any other aspect of the organization or its functioning that are relevant to the theories you have chosen. 4. Make recommendations grounded in the theories you have chosen that you think would improve the organization’s effectiveness.

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