Overview: For this first milestone, due in Module Three, you

 Overview: For this first milestone, due in Module Three, you will analyze HR strategic engagement initiatives for attracting, retaining, and rewarding employees. The four critical element focus on talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention, learning and development, and total rewards.

 Prompt: Refer to the chapter readings and module resources to support your responses to each of the four critical elements below. Carefully read and address each critical element as written, using detailed and informative analysis that conveys critical thinking. 

The four critical elements are aligned to the people technical competency within the HR knowledge domain. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

 Talent Acquisition: Determine appropriate strategies for acquiring qualified talent, and explain how the strategies support organizational goals. 

 Employee Engagement and Retention: Determine appropriate employee engagement strategies and explain how this approach will increase retention. 

 Learning and Development: Determine learning and development opportunities aimed toward attracting and retaining qualified talent within the organization. 

 Total Rewards: Identify appropriate total rewards strategies to increase employee retention, and explain how these strategies support the goals of the organization. Be sure to incorporate instructor feedback on this milestone into your final submission. 

Rubric Guidelines for Submission: This milestone must be submitted as a 3- to 4-page Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and oneinch margins. Use the latest edition of the APA manual for formatting and citations.  

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