Overview You will not always know if you have students


You will not always know if you have students with special needs in your class; some students may not even know they have a special need. Using educational technology can be a way to address known and unknown special needs. For example, e-readers allow students to control the font and the font size, get the definitions of unfamiliar words, and even have the text read to them. E-readers help visually impaired students and enable students with dyslexia to adjust the text so they can read it. Educational technology can help all students with vocabulary and reading comprehension.


Choose a short lesson plan that you would teach in your current classroom or one in which you would like to teach. Then, add an educational technology component such as an app or other technology that would address a special need or needs for the lesson.

Use the Internet, Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library, and any of the recommended resources for this assignment:

Taking into account the feedback you received in your Week 5 discussion and other insights, write a 3–4 page lesson plan in which you expand upon the points outlined in your draft concerning:

  • The technology.
  • The need or needs it addresses.
  • How you would integrate it into your lesson.

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