PART A You’ve done it! You made it to the


You’ve done it! You made it to the last week of COM100. Take a moment to reflect back on the last 11 weeks. Which 1-2 lessons do you believe will be the most valuable as you continue developing your skills? How do you plan to use that information moving forward to improve communication in your personal or professional life? Lesson- THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK


Think back over the past 11 weeks and complete the following:

  • What are two things you learned about motivation that you didn’t know before?
  • Which motivational strategy are you most likely to incorporate into your personal or professional life?
  • What was the most interesting or useful thing you learned this week? Why did it interest you? ( EVERYONE IS DRIVEN IN DIFFERENT WAYS)
  • What was the hardest or most challenging part of this week for you? Why? 

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