People should believe Anti-Vaccination

Very important, provide the diagram first !!!! Argument Diagram Embed this within your Final Essay as an appendix. You are to write your thesis at the bottom middle of the page. This can be done by hand and then attached as a photograph/scan to your paper, or you can use text boxes in word. You are then to support the reasons given for your thesis and attack/refute the main reason(s) against your thesis. Further details will be given in tutorials. Format and Rules: Arrow Rules 1. If you can’t read “because” when you jump upwards, it’s wrong 2. If you can’t read “therefore” when you jump downwards, it’s wrong 3. Your arrows must point towards the thesis (downwards) Content Rules 1. If it’s general at the top, it’s probably wrong 2. If it’s specific at the bottom, it’s probably wrong Simplified example of diagram

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