Place your reviews of the Movie titled The DOCTOR (1991) starring William Hurt Format: Minimum of 300 words Ethical Issues raised by the movie that are releva Nursing Assignment Help

Place your reviews of the Movie titled The DOCTOR (1991) starring William Hurt   

Format:  Minimum of 300 words

Ethical Issues raised by the movie that are relevant to this course Medical Ethics 

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The movie “The Doctor” (1991) depicts the journey of a talented and esteemed surgeon named Dr. Jack MacKee, portrayed by William Hurt. This film delves into the personal and professional challenges faced by Dr. MacKee, ultimately raising several ethical issues that are highly relevant to the study of Medical Ethics. Through an in-depth analysis of these issues, we can understand the importance of ethical decision-making in the medical field.

One of the central ethical issues highlighted in “The Doctor” is the lack of empathy displayed by healthcare professionals towards their patients. Dr. MacKee initially embodies this trait, being extremely focused on his surgical skills while neglecting the emotional needs of his patients. This raises the question of whether medical practitioners should prioritize technical expertise over the emotional well-being of their patients. The film serves as a reminder that compassionate care is an essential component of good medical practice.

Another significant ethical issue showcased in the movie is the violation of patients’ autonomy. Dr. MacKee experiences a role reversal when he becomes a patient himself and realizes the frustrations and powerlessness that patients often encounter within the healthcare system. This prompts him to question the importance of obtaining informed consent and respecting patients’ decisions regarding their own treatment. The film underscores the need for healthcare professionals to prioritize patient autonomy and actively involve them in the decision-making process.

Additionally, “The Doctor” addresses the issue of medical paternalism, where doctors make decisions based on their own judgments rather than considering the patient’s desires and values. Dr. MacKee encounters a particularly poignant example of this when he witnesses a colleague deliberately neglecting the treatment of a terminally ill patient, solely because he views the patient as “beyond hope.” This raises ethical concerns around the role of medical professionals in determining the worthiness of treatments and the duty to provide care regardless of prognosis.

Furthermore, the film sheds light on the ethical dilemma of upholding professional integrity while working within a flawed healthcare system. Dr. MacKee is confronted with the reality of hospital bureaucracy and inadequate patient care that compromises both his ethics and his patients’ well-being. The movie underscores the importance of medical professionals advocating for system-level changes to ensure that patient care and ethical conduct are prioritized.

In conclusion, “The Doctor” raises several ethical issues that are highly pertinent to the field of medical ethics. The movie emphasizes the significance of empathy, patient autonomy, and ethical decision-making in providing optimal care to patients. Through analyzing these ethical dilemmas portrayed in the film, medical students can gain a deeper understanding of the moral complexities faced by healthcare professionals and develop the skills necessary to navigate these challenges ethically.

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