Please answer each question separately Question 1 Different cultural perspectives

 Please answer each question separately 

Question 1

Different cultural perspectives of a region can impact several aspects of a company’s global business operations. In considering Human Resources Management, culture does not have any impact on performance appraisal.

Do you agree or disagree? Defend your position.

question 2

 For this week’s discussion, you are required to create a flow chart of an anabolic or catabolic function.  NOTE: This cannot be taken from a resource and cited, but must be original work.  Non-original work will receive a zero.  To do this, consider using software such as PowerPoint, or online resources such as  Consider how you can make a flow chart to explain one anabolic or catabolic process in the body.  Once creating the chart, include a brief explanation of what the process is, if it’s anabolic or catabolic, why it’s important, and how it relates to exercise physiology. HINT: I highly recommend doing a google image search for “cellular process” to give you an idea of what type of image is required.  Consider that this may be something you would see in a literature review or textbook to explain a process.  

question 3


Choose one  of the following topics to discussr Plastic in Ocean or Solutions to the Issue of Plastic Pollution

Topic 1: Plastic in the Ocean 

  • What do you see as the cause for plastic pollution? 
  • What specifically are the effects of plastic pollution on these resources? Choose one of the following topics discuss:
    • birds
    • ocean mammals
    • fish
    • water quality
  • How significant of an issue is plastic pollution? Did your opinion change after researching the topic? 

Topic 2: Solutions to the Issue of Plastic Pollution 

  • What do you see as a viable solution for the issue of plastic pollution?
  • What are the pros and cons of the solution you chose? 

question 4

 1) Using  the Internet, please explain the following Password-Cracking Methods:

a. Brute-Force attack
b. Dictionary attack
c. Syllable attack
d. Rule-based attack
e. Hybrid attack
f. Password guessing
g. Rainbow attack 

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