Research on Music and Infants

 Research on Music and Infants: ◦ This research tries to answer the following question: What are the musical/sound features (pitch, volume, texture, duration and form) connected to the early years (0-6 years old; infants/toddlers/children/babies) brain development research? ◦ Find at least 50 relevant articles ◦ You have to search only on Google Scholar and PubMed; search at least the first 1000 entries ( + ) ◦ Use the Excel file provided below to register you entries ◦ Apart from this registration you will need to include: ▪ on the Excel file the sum of articles you searched and the count of articles from each web repository (how many from Google Scholar and how many from PubMed) ▪ how many relevant articles out of how many in total articles you found (if for example you searched 3000 articles in total and you found 70 then provide a figure showing 70/3000) ▪ a screenshot of the total number of articles you searched. ◦ You have to work with keywords. Examples: music and brain in the early years / music and development/ sound and early years brain development/ brain + infants + music / music + infants + development / ◦ The only articles to qualify for an entry will need to have all three variables together (For example an article having a musical feature, referring to the brain but it is not referring to infants or toddlers will not qualify and this will reduce your grade) ◦ you must conform with all of the above.

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