This short text should be written using the MLA format and will assist in achieving the following learning outcomes:

  1. CLO: #1: Examine the significance of images and their role in society.
  2. CLO #3: Interpret visual culture and contemporary art using relevant theory and practices.


Choose an artist we have covered in the class. Research their practice and determine the context in which they work. Where are they from, in what period were they active, what are the key themes or movements with which their artwork is associated? Find at least two critical sources (for citation) that are not included in our course content or Ares materials. Finally, share your own interpretation of their work and reflect upon your evaluation. For the purposes of this paper, please follow the suggested format:

  • Introduction to artist via the context in which they work and the critical reception of their work with two citations.
  • Case study of one or two works selected from their practice. Your interpretation can draw upon concepts explored either in course content or drawn from your additional citations. (You must include images of the works you discuss in the body of your essay.)
  • Reasoned articulation of your perspective on this artist’s work. Why did you choose it and in what ways do you find it powerful?


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