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  • Taking screenshots
    • Windows 10: Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch
    • MacOS: Grab tool
  • Microsoft Word

This week you will finalize the draft of your proposal. You are expected to use a copy of your Week 3 file before you start finalizing the research proposal. Below are the areas and features you are expected to include as part of your document:

First Document

  1. The duplicated document should include at least one table that includes data with 3pt only for the border and a shadow. For example, you could provide a list of options with costs, or some high-level statistics about the topic you have chosen.
  2. Insert at least 2 images and apply a square type of wrap to them.
  3. Make sure your previous research and citations are added by using the citation and research tools covered during this week.
  4. Add a comment, using the comment feature, to the table section and explain why this table is important for your document. Enable track changes so you can review any changes made by the committee.

Second Document

  1. Create a short letter to the committee explaining the benefits of this research. Download the attached file of(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) to use for your mail merge. The following fields should be used as part of the letter. Save all the letters generated as a PDF document.
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email

Third Document

  1. One of the members of the committee does not speak English. Using the translation tools you have learned about, provide a document with a screenshot and instruction that shows how to translate a document.

Once you have completed all these tasks, you should have three different documents, that should be named as follows:

  • The finalized research document in Word. Name file as “YourName_COMP150_W4_Assignment”
  • The PDF document with all mail merge recipients. Name file as “YourName_COMP150_W4_Assignment_MailMerge”
  • The document with screenshots showing how to translate it. Name file as “YourName_COMP150_W4_Assignment_translation”

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