The Changing Gangster(anti-) Hero

Description Essay

Topic 1, The Changing Gangster(anti-) Hero:

This topic explores the deconstruction of the Gangsterhero. As the genre evolves over the decades, the Gangster“heroes” have become morecomplicated – less one-dimensional and less successful at achieving the American Dream.Or, have they?In this essay, examine the primary struggles of your film’s protagonist. To what extent arethese conflicts—either explicitly or implicitly—related to shifting social norms and/or questions of economic inequality and/or identity (race, ethnicity, masculinity, femininity, etc.)? How does your (anti) hero compare to oneof our more traditional gangster figures? What are the ways in which your film questions, challenges, or is nostalgic forthe more mythic, less flawed version of the gangster? In turn, does the narrative challenge or condemn the gangster’s immoral and unethical behavior? What about the narrative’s point of view? Is the story primary seen through the anti-hero’s perspective or someone else’s? (Must pick one episode specifically to discuss in paper)

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