The purpose of the Final Reflection is to reflect on

The purpose of the Final Reflection is to reflect on your successes, your challenges, and your plans going forward in college.  To do this, you will provide specific, honest examples from your life that are related to topics found in this COL course.


This Final Reflection will help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in college and your professional life:

  • Evaluating your metacognitive      abilities
  • Identifying the importance of      resources to aid in achievement
  • Demonstrating an awareness of      effective strategies for time management
  • Reflecting on the importance of      your mindset and its connection to success


Your task is to format an APA paper and type a paragraph in response to each question, using specific terminology included in the question to demonstrate your understanding.  Provide multiple, specific, personal examples in each paragraph, illustrating the application of these topics in your life. 

1. This semester, you have explored metacognition (learning how to learn) by analyzing how you think, how you process information, and how to improve your metacognitive abilities.

  • In your own words, explain metacognition and why this      understanding is important for academic success.
  • Describe at least two (2) specific examples from your      courses this semester in which you used a metacognitive strategy for      academic success.
  • Discuss at least two (2) different metacognitive      strategies you will use as you move forward academically and      professionally. (You may refer to Appendix A in McGuire’s Teach      Yourself How to Learn for a compilation of strategies.)

2. Consider the college resources and personal connections you encountered during this COL course (tutoring, advising center, library, financial aid office, student organizations, peers). 

  • Discuss at least two (2) college resources at your      school that you have used and/or plan to use going forward( Tutoring,      library).   
  • Describe in detail how these college resources can help      you academically and/or professionally. 
  • Explain the benefits of engaging with your peers in      this COL course.
  • Discuss why the development of connections is important      to you not only academically, but also personally and professionally.

3. Good time management is one of the key skills needed for success in college.

  • Discuss in detail at least (2) specific time management      techniques/strategies you are currently using to balance your schedule      with school, work, leisure time, and relationships. 
  • Describe your plans for effective time management in the      future, including choices you may make for academic and/or professional      success.

4. Mindset encompasses how we respond to challenges, especially in the academic world.

  • Describe the concepts of growth and fixed mindset in      your own words.
  • Discuss at least two (2) specific examples of how you      adopted a growth mindset or how you reverted to a fixed mindset when faced      with a challenge this past semester. How did your choices impact outcomes?
  • How will you apply the concept of a growth mindset to      future academic and/or professional challenges?

5. As you finish this course for the School of Health Care, what is your biggest take-away? 

  • How has this “take-away” made your college experience      better and/or is a realization that will make your future academic career      better?


Criteria for Success

You will be successful in this assignment if you can: (a) Type a paragraph in response to each question (do NOT list questions…just answer in paragraph format), for a total of five paragraphs in APA format.  (b) Demonstrate an accurate understanding of each topic, using specific terminology from the question. (c) Provide multiple, personal examples related to each topic. (d) Edit your sentences to eliminate errors in spelling and grammar.

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