The purpose of this project is to dive into one

The purpose of this project is to dive into one aspect of digital health known as telehealth. This project will entail the scope, definition, history of telehealth, following the rubrics and the goals and objectives to focus the project on. This paper is 8 – 10 pages long. Please follow direction as stipulated in the assignment below. Attached are some reading materials, and rubrics.

Using what we have covered in class, assume the role of an executive director of a service in our healthcare delivery system (OT, PT, Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Acute Care Settings are all appropriate starting points).  You are now tasked with creating a strategic vision for a telehealth service (Identification of the target population, review of relevant state and federal policy, and establishment of goals for the program). Your final product should be a narrative piece of original work between 8 and 10 pages.  External citations should be included (6-10 citations).  The narrative may include lists, figures, or diagrams, but the work needs to be clear and concise. The Center for Connected Health Policy ( Links to an external site.) is a great resource to find state laws applicable to your geographic area.  You should create a fictional practice with the following goals and objectives to focus your assessment on: 

Alignment and Engagement – Who are the stakeholders, where will funding come from, and what are the goals or overall strategy?

Enabling Technologies – Select a vendor, app, or platform to assist your patient population.  You should identify a minimum of 3 competitive or similar technologies.  

Care Across the Continuum – What are the state and federal policies, how will organizational policy be implemented, and who is the target population. 

Interoperability –   How can information captured be shared with others? Will information take the form of a reporting dashboard, alerts to providers, or structured follow up by other care teams.  How will information be shared with others?

Please make sure this paper is original and no duplicate any where. Take into focus what’s expected in the rubrics as well.

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