This week’s learning was a cornucopia of enrichment with regard

This week’s learning was a cornucopia of enrichment with regard to utilizing Microsoft Word in ways that many of us have never utilized it before. Collaboration made easy, documents crisp and clean, surprises around every corner made this a distinctive learning experience, and I’m thrilled to have been part of it.

I used word a great deal in the past but never really used the features that we went over this week, with the exception of mail merges and tables. Features such as those of a collaborative nature play tracking, comments, and the language translator only add to an already vastly useful experience with Microsoft Word. It’s interesting how one can add a comment to data that others can reply to, or see when their colleagues change the wording of a sentence in the big proposal due Monday. Or, for example, the description a drug’s use can be translated for one’s respected Japanese colleagues to review. Research documents have been brought to a whole new level with the knowledge gained about Word in this week’s class. 

The translation tool really stands out and surprised me as a feature that is extremely useful in today’s age, with all the incredibly important data being transferred from person to person. I had no idea that it existed in Word. I can only imagine how incredibly handy this feature can be for the business world and I applaud the programmers who pulled off this incredible feat. 


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