Training Design & Implementation

Part I Think about a workplace training program you’ve experienced. For example, a new hire orientation or specific skill/knowledge training. The training could have been delivered using any method, i.e. classroom training, computer based training, etc… Provide an overview of the organization and the position you hold/held. Discuss why you were participating in the training and provide an overview of the training… Part II (there’s nothing you need to write for this part; these are just things you need to think about) Think about the design and implementation of the training; consider the following questions: Did the training have clearly stated objectives? Did the participants of the training really “need” to be in the training? Was the trainer(s) who conducted the training qualified to do so? Was the location of the training appropriate? Did you have the necessary materials/equipment to participate in the training? Was there enough time allocated for the training? Were the training method(s) used appropriate in light of the content of the training? The above list of questions is not all-inclusive. Review the activities involved in training design outlined in chapter 5 as well as the various training methods detailed in chapter 6, to learn of other things that should be considered in the design and implementation of training. Part III After considering the questions in Part II, and other activities involved in training design and implementation, provide commentary on the quality of the design and implementation of the training/class you attended. What do you think was done well? What do you think could have been improved? What elements of the training would you redesign? You are not critiquing/evaluating the content of the training, you are critiquing and evaluating the design and implementation of the training. Therefore you should not be commenting on whether you liked the training. Again refer to the questions in Part II when drafting this section.

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