Values and Ethics

Ethical issues: Identify and discuss at least two ethical issues that tend to arise with your client populations and or agency. Identify specifically in the Code of Ethics the standard that provides guidance in how to respond to the resolution of the two ethical issues. Delineate the steps you would apply using the Code of Ethics to addresses each issue. You will be delineating your resolution of the ethical issue in your response. Integrate content from the text and reading to address how you would demonstrate critical thinking in resolving those ethical issues. Process the steps for ethical decision making. Value, congruence, and conflicts: Utilize the above readings to support your discussion. Identify two examples of each of the following values; organizational values, professional values, and personal values as related to the field internship. Integrate scholarly literature to support your identification of the values.

Discuss each one of the values and to how you would handle any conflicts that may or have arisen in the agency regarding the organizational, professional or personal values. Discuss how your personal values and attitudes affect your social work practice and give examples of your professional use of self in practices. Identify what are the guiding principles that would assist you in addressing the values and discuss how they would influence your practice.

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