Watch through to the narrator’s questions. Answer the following:

Watch through to the narrator’s questions.  Answer the following:

  • What should Judy have done to avoid this problem?
  • How could she help the lawyer out and keep her time billable?

Watch the second clip on this video (Judy’s experience with Dante), and answer the following:

  • What should Judy do with the five hours she spent looking for the information?
  • Do you think it was “wasted time?”
  • Who decides what is ultimately billed to the client?
  • What is your role, as a paralegal, in client billing?

Video Case Study #2 Questions:

Watch all the way through.  Answer the following:

  • If you are already a working paralegal/legal assistant, can you relate to Dante’s conundrum?  If you are not currently working in the legal field, do you see this as a potential situation with which you might be faced?
  • What rule is Dante breaking?
  • What should Dante be doing to prevent this problem?
  • What should he do now that he cannot reconstruct his day?
  • What would be fair for his clients?

Video Case Study #3 Questions:

Watch the first 10 seconds of and then pause.  Answer the following:

  • Did you see anything that Attorney Saunders did wrong?  If so, what?

Watch the rest of the video.

  • Do you think Alicia repaired the error Saunders made?
  • What’s the difference between Alicia’s ethical duties and Mr. Saunders’ here?
  • Alicia gives the client her business card.  Is that UPL or misrepresentation?

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