Write a 3–5 page research paper in APA style on

 Write a 3–5 page research paper in APA style on a health condition of your choice and discuss the role of a homeopathic remedy that can help heal that condition. Pick a condition and remedy that you are interested in learning more about.  Assume the reader is not familiar with homeopathy, and include relevant background information about homeopathy so the reader will understand how it can be used for the condition.  Also include the following topics:-background on the health condition you choose-briefly describe how the constitutional intake will be performed in order to choose a remedy-discuss the concept of “treating the whole person” in regards to your remedy selection-describe the symptoms that would help you choose your particular remedy (Ex: if your condition is depression, symptoms like loving the ocean, having unresolved grief, and a headache every day at 10 am would help you choose Natrum Muriaticum)-research and include the miasm characteristics that are present in the remedy you selected-Discuss a dose range you would choose for your patient (Ex: if your condition has a strong mental/emotional component, a higher dose like 200 C is more appropriate than a lower dose like 30C). Cite at least two references from the EU library as your sources of information. 

This paper must be written in APA style and format (3rd person) and have:

  • a separate title page
  • an abstract on its own page
  • a separate reference page
  • in-text citations
  • one inch margins
  • 12 point Times New Roman font

If you have questions about how to write a paper in APA style you can read through the library link to find instructions on APA style. You can also send an email if you have questions. Also reach out to the librarians if you need extra support in finding references or creating reference pages. Your paper will be graded on the following criteria as shown on the QEP Rubric Due by 11:59 am the Sunday of week 4  

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