You will select six (6) scholarly sources, such as books,

You will select six (6) scholarly sources, such as books, articles, interviews, etc. that you collected through your research conducted with the Kent State Library scholarly databases.  Your topic of research must build on the critical scholarship surrounding the topic of Technology and Identity. Depending on your research, you may also be using other primary sources or video interviews available through accredited websites.  

Each document should have a title page, each citation should be in alphabetical order like a References page, page numbers should be used.Your work must demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of the sources that you are annotating.  You must read or view each source in its entirety.  If you are only using specific chapters of a book, you should only cite those chapters. 

The content of your annotations must include a summary, an assessment, and a reflection, in that order. The first paragraph will be a summary.  What new information is the author discussing?  What method is the author using?  What are the author’s main points? What is the author’s thesis and what information does the author use to support it?  The second paragraph will be an assessment.  How does this source compare with your other sources? Is it a useful and reliable source?  Is it a biased source?  Explore the author’s relationship to the source and the credibility of the source itself, as well as examine its relationship to your other sources.  The third paragraph will be a reflection.  How does this source fit into your argument?  Does this source change your argument?  How does this source support your working thesis?  

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